3D Scene Understanding for Vision, Graphics, and Robotics

CVPR 2021 Workshop, Virtual, June 19th, 2021

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Due to the pandemic, our workshop will be virtual this year. We will host an online chat room for communication with the speakers and Q&A. Looking forward to meet you online!.

Invited talks and oral presentations will be presented live or by recorded videos in the same Zoom room, all of the talks will have live Q&A session, please refer to the Talks for recorded videos and more details.

All the events are hosted in the Zoom, click the raise hand button if you have questions during the talk. The speaker would either pause to answer your questions or leave them to the Q&A part.

Invited Speakers

Yi Ma (UC Berkeley) Tony Tung (Facebook) Qixing Huang (UT Austin)
Angjoo Kanazawa (UC Berkeley) Gordon Wetzstein (Stanford) Saurabh Gupta (UIUC)
Andrea Vedald (Oxford) Roozbeh Mottaghi (AI2) Dhruv Batra (Georgia Tech)

Schedule (Pacific Time)


The goal of this workshop is to foster interdisciplinary communication of researchers working on 3D scene understanding (computer vision, computer graphics, and robotics) so that more attention of the broader community can be drawn to this field. Through this workshop, current progress and future directions will be discussed, and new ideas and discoveries in related fields are expected to emerge.

Specifically, we are interested in the following problems:


Siyuan Huang* (UCLA) Chuhang Zou* (UIUC) Hao Su (UCSD) Alexander Schwing (UIUC)
Yuanlu Xu (Facebook) Jiajun Wu (Stanford) Angjoo Kanazawa (UCB) Yixin Zhu (UCLA)

Senior Organizers

David Forsyth (UIUC) Derek Hoiem (UIUC) Leonidas Guibas (Stanford) Song-Chun Zhu (UCLA)