3D Scene Understanding for Vision, Graphics, and Robotics

CVPR 2023 Workshop, Vancouver, June 18th, 2023

Location: West 220 - 222

Invited Speakers

Shenlong Wang (UIUC) Georgia Gkioxari (Caltech) Andy Zeng (Google) Deepak Pathak (CMU)
Xiaolong Wang (UCSD) Vincent Sitzmann (MIT) Siyu Tang (ETH Zurich) Angela Dai (TUM)

Important Dates

SQA3D Challenge Submission Deadline June 10 2023
Notification to SQA3D Challenge Winner June 11 2023
Workshop Date June 18 2023 (Day 1 of CVPR 2023)

Schedule (Pacific Time)

Oral Presentation

10:15 am - 10:45 am: Oral Presentation 1 11:45 am - 12:15 pm: Oral Presentation 2 03:00 pm - 03:30 pm: Oral Presentation 3 04:30 pm - 05:00 pm: Oral Presentation 4


Despite the rapid growth of scene understanding, existing methods have well-known limitations: (1) How to obtain detailed and fully labeled large-scale 3D data to train and evaluate models? (2) What representations to use for reasoning about support, contact, and extent? (3) How to differentiate clutter from a broad range of classes of interest? (4) How to facilitate the interaction of physical agents in the real world? (5) How to infer the functionality and affordance of 3D scenes and anticipate activities in the 3D world? (6) Witnessing the recent advances in NLP and 2D computer vision, how can we develop/utilize generalist and large models for 3D scene understanding and related applications (ex. robotic planning)? These are just some of the many questions that are unanswered to this day.

The goal of this workshop is to foster interdisciplinary communication of researchers that are interested in addressing these challenges (computer vision, computer graphics, NLP, and robotics) so that more attention of the broader community can be drawn to this field. Through this workshop, current progress and future directions will be discussed, and new ideas and discoveries in related fields are expected to emerge..

Specifically, we are interested in the following problems:


Siyuan Huang* (BIGAI) Chuhang Zou* (Amazon) Alexander Schwing (UIUC) Xiaojian Ma (UCLA)
Hao Su (UCSD) Yixin Chen (BIGAI) Tengyu Liu (BIGAI) Yixin Zhu(PKU)

Senior Organizers

David Forsyth (UIUC) Derek Hoiem (UIUC) Song-Chun Zhu